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Guangzhou Tightening Its Leash on Dog Keeping Expected to Raise Related Pet Product Sales
Since the Guangzhou Regulation for Dog Keeping was first released in 2009, more and more restrictions have been put on household dog keeping with each revision. It is said that the latest edition issued in last November is the most rigorous so far.
According to the new policy, Guangzhou will tighten its supervision over pet dog vaccination and registration, and impose a stronger clampdown on uncivilized dog raising behavior. Moreover, to help develop more responsible dog keeping habits in dog owners, Guangzhou will distribute for free to pet owners a dog walking kit, consisting of a dog leash, a dog poop collector, a dog tag, and a dog muzzle.  
The regulating of dog owner behaviors has been brought to the foreground in a provincial level, especially now that Guangdong is the province with the most pet dogs in China. Sources pointed out that in last November, the province was drafting a new rule that dog owners who failed to give their dogs vaccination as required would receive a fine that could go as high as up to 1000 yuan. 
It is expected that as the number of pet population grows across the country, so too will the awareness of responsible pet ownership, which will in turn spark a higher demand for related pet products. 
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